We are here to help you stand up for yourself!

J58 develops manual standing movable wheelchairs. Yes, you can stand up and move around. Gain independence, improve your health and see the world from a new perspective. By the way, we offer more than standing up! Soon you will be able to experience it by yourself!

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Our Team

Teamwork is an essential element for achieving success in many areas
of life, from sports to business, education to personal growth

Gabriel Costa


Gabriel Costa holds a master’s degree in Industrial Design from the University of Twente, giving him a strong educational background to tackle any technical project. Before starting J58, he also co-founded ZAET which develops electrical bikes. He also worked as a pre-development engineer at Philips where he was responsible for developing new innovative ideas and solutions for the fully automatic espresso machine market.

Dr. Rivelino Montenegro

Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Rivelino Montenegro is a series entrepreneur. He studied materials science engineer and holds a PhD in chemistry from the Max Planck Institute in Germany. In addition to his experience in many countries, including US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil and Portugal, in fields ranging from nanotechnology and drug delivery to medical implants.

Augusto Hosanna


Augusto Hosanna is a chemist and a businessman living in Brazil who, because of a car accident, has been in a wheelchair since 2000. He has firsthand experience as an user and contributes to the development of products for this market.


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Send us a message to have your name on the list of the first ones to gain independence!